BAFE Agency EL84 2018 Spy Show
BAFE Ron Sweed bringing The Ghoul back to the Bay Area
BAFE John Stanley interviews Judith O'Dea at Giants Game
BAFE Director Michael Dougherty with vendor artists at Godzillafest 2019
BAFE TJ Storm producers Bob Johnson and Bob Beavon
Ray Haryhausen's daughter Vanessa at Dynamation Celebration 2
BAFE Creature Feature host Bob  Wilkins
Sun Kings BAFE's Beatles Weekend
Audience BAFE's first annual Godzilla Night Bal Theatre
Marta Kristen (Judy from Lost in Space) greets fans at Sci Fi X-Fest
Richard Kiel at BAFE 007 Weekend to Thrill
Elvis (Rick Torres) performing at BAFE live
Creature Features host John Stanley AT&T Park BAFE
Dennis Muren at BAFE talking about Ray Harryhausen
Phil Tippett at BAFE premier documentary
BAFE The Deadlies at Bal Theatre Rock & Roll Horror Show
BAFE staff, Cast and Crew
BAFE Julie Adams and Ben Chapman from Creature From the Black Lagoon at Castro Theatre
BAFE staff Bob Johnson Bob Beavon, Kevin d'Antonio
BAFE Dr. Zee demonstrates at Bruce Lee Night
BAFE CKMT's Balrok & Syfy's Monster Man Cleve Hall at Bal Theatre
BAFE Weberly the Fact Rat & Balrok welcome King Kong & Godzilla
BAFE Marguee SF Castro Theatre Ultraman Weekend
BAFE alien Fogas defeated by Ultraman Dyna & Mr. Lobo Castro Theatre
BAFE Pimp Jones plays Jazz from Godzilla films
Godzilla at 4th Night at Bal Theatre BAFE

The Sun Kings at the Castro Theatre. BAFE's Beatles' Weekend.

The audience files in for BAFE's first annual Godzilla Night at the Bal Theatre.

Marta Kristen (Judy from LOST IN SPACE) greets fans at the Sci Fi X-Fest.

Richard Kiel, Jaws from the James Bond films, gets ready to greet fans at our 007 Weekend to Thrill.

Excited fans rush the stage for Elvis (Rick Torres) performing live!

CREATURE FEATURES' host John Stanley talks to fans at AT&T Park.

Oscar winning FX director Dennis Muren from ILM talks about Ray Harryhausen.

Phil Tippett of Tippett Prods. also discusses Ray as we premier a documentary on his life and career.

The Deadlies take the stage at the Bal Theatre for our Rock & Roll Horror Show.

BAFE staff, The Ghoul, Mr. Lobo and the cast & crew of FRANKENSTEIN VS. THE CREATURE FROM BLOOD COVE in Alameda.

Julie Adams and Ben Chapman of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON at the Castro Theatre.

Godzilla warms up the audience at our 4th Godzilla Night at the Bal Theatre.

Dr. Zee demonstrates the one inch punch at Bruce Lee Night.

CKMT's Balrok and SyFy's Monster Man Cleve Hall on stage at the Bal Theatre.

Weberly the Fact Rat and Balrok welcome King Kong and Godzilla to the show!

The marquee of SF's Castro Theatre highlights our Ultraman Weekend!

The alien Fogas is defeated by Ultraman Dyna and Mr. Lobo at the Castro Theatre.

Big Pimp Jones plays jazz-inspired music from the Godzilla films at Godzilla Night.

The Bay Area Film Events staff; Bob Beavon, Kevin d'Antonio and Bob Johnson at the premier of  WATCH HORROR FILMS, KEEP AMERICA STRONG, a documentary on CREATURE FEATURES, which was paired up with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD at The Del Mar Theater in Santa Cruz.

Keep an eye on this page for more pictures from our shows and feel free to send us some of your favorites! We'd love to see and share them!

And none of us would be here, putting on these shows, if it was not for the inspiration of KTVU Creature Features host Bob Wilkins.

Bob is pictured here from a benefit show that we put on for him over a weekend for Alzheimer's. Saturday night at the Cerrito Theater in El Cerrito and Sunday at the Crest Theater in Sacramento.

Bob sadly passed away in 2009, but his memory and inspiration lives on in every BAFE show that we do!

Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong!

Future shows will be posted on our new Facebook page, here.

Ray Harryhausen's daughter Vanessa at our Dynamation Celebration 2.

TJ Storm (Godzilla himself!) with BAFE producers Bob Johnson & Bob Beavon

Director Michael Dougherty with our vendor artists at Godzillafest 2019!

John Stanley interviews Judith O'Dea at the Giants game

Bringing The Ghoul (Ron Sweed) back to the Bay Area!

Agency EL84 serves up espionage tunes at our 2018 Spy Show!