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Bay Area Film Events (BAFE) Non- Profit

Bay Area Film Events is a non-profit organization that brings shows, events and film festivals to theaters and other venues throughout the Bay Area and Northern California.


From Godzilla to The Beatles, Bond to The Three Stooges, Harryhausen to Bruce Lee, music to comedy, BAFE presents films, bands, guests and more.


 We have had the honor of sharing the stage with a number of guests including Richard Kiel, Judith O'Dea, Julie Adams, Ben Chapman, Russ Tamblyn, Marta Kristen and even stars from Japan like Hiroshi Koizumi, Akira Kubo, Tsutomu Kitagawa, Shinichi Wakasa and Hiroshi Maruyama.


 Venues we've worked with include The Castro Theatre, The Balboa Theater, The 4-Star Theater, Auctions by the Bay, The Grand Lake, The Historic Bal Theatre, The Del Mar in Santa Cruz, The Crest in Sacramento, The Cerrito and AT&T Park in conjunction with the San Francisco Giants.


Going to the movies used to be an event, an experience never to be forgotten. This is the movie-going adventure BAFE brings to a whole new generation of moviegoers and brings back for the generations that grew up with that experience.


 Bay Area Film Events screens the classic and cult films from yesterday and the limited release, independent and hard to see films of today. Through the use of guests, displays, on-stage talent and multi-media support, BAFE presents movies as a complete cinematic experience!


 As we continue to plan new and innovative shows, we invite audiences along for the ride, to come out and enjoy films in theaters, the way they were meant to be seen and make new memories with us!

It's More Than a Movie... 

It's an Event!

Bringing Entertainment to Northern California Since 2004!

Bay Area Film Events, Dedicated to Preserving the Movie Going Experience!