Godzilla, Japantown Godzillafest

Godzillafest Convention!

September 13-15, 2024


San Francisco's Japantown!

2024’s GODZILLAFEST will be a full blown convention, celebrating 70 years of Godzilla films. Complete with a dealers room, guests from Japan and the US, movies at the AMC Kabuki Theater, displays and panels/interviews. Attendees will also have the chance to win prizes and meet the guests for photos and autographs.

The goals of this event are to bring crowds back to Japantown and into the restaurants and shops, to enjoy a complete Japanese cultural experience while taking part in the Godzilla convention, which will stretch throughout the mall. We also hope to bring people out into the community to enjoy the convention and make memories that will last a lifetime.

With the surprise success of the recent films, GODZILLA MINUS ONE and GODZILLA X KONG THE NEW EMPIRE, Godzilla is more popular than ever, and having won an Academy Award, he is gaining respect from more serious movie goers. It is also the 70th anniversary of the release of the first Godzilla movie. Something we will be promoting and celebrating throughout the weekend.

• Japanese and US Guests


• Toy Dealers & Art Vendors


• Panels & Interviews


• Displays


• Prizes


• Free Friday Night Movie


• Sake Tasting


• Godzilla Movies at the AMC Kabuki


• Godzilla/Japantown Stamp Rally


• Meet and Greet with the Guests


• And Much, Much More!

Tickets and More Information Coming Soon!

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