Nick Shev is an Art Director and illustrator with a passion for monsters, aliens, and all things weird.

A lifelong fan of Godzilla and monster movies he yearns for the day when giant creatures from earth's primordial past reemerge and put humanity in it's place.

Summit Kaiju International will be attending Friday, August 23rd at the X-Plus vendor booth. They will be showcasing an X-Plus figure that will be given away to one lucky individual as a prize by Godzillafest later on in the weekend .

Lenny Romero is a self-taught, freelance, pencil artist who specializes in realism. At the age of three Lenny watched his first Godzilla movie, Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster. Since then his passion for all things Godzilla has grown and merged with his love for art. Lenny can usually be found at popular comic conventions around the US, especially California, selling originals and prints of his handmade drawings. He loves to talk, so stop by his table to say hello, and talk about all things Godzilla.

Gaz "Gazbot" Gretsky, NJ native living in the bay area of California specializing in kaiju, mecha, and sentai art. Past work includes animation for MTV, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. Gaz has also worked on published comics such as: Legends of the Bay, Adventure Race, The Lemonade Stand, EEP, Hero Envy, Kid Switch, and Earthling. His current projects include his own independent creator owned kaiju comic, The Horror A4, the creation of which has been chronicling on his youtube channel, as well as The Life in Space Anthology book 2. Gaz will be selling copies of The Horror A4, as well as other kaiju prints and pins, and doing commissioned sketches.

Vinyl Kaiju Legion is your source for vintage and modern Japanese toys, and home to kaiju sofubi artist @kaijulegion.

Saturday and Sunday Only.


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