Join BAFE for the 4th annual Godzilla Night at the Historic Bal Theatre!

This year we are presenting a brand new documentary called "Kaiju Gaiden"!

"Kaiju" is the Japanese word for "monster", meaning "strange beast".
"Gaiden" is a Japanese word which means "outside story". It normally
refers to a supplemental story or spin-off. KAIJU GAIDEN is the
continuing story of the giant monster genre.

KAIJU GAIDEN is also the title of a documentary film by director/producer David Hall spotlighting various Japanese filmmakers
who have continued the tradition of tokusatsu (special effects) movies.
It is part of the Independent Kaiju Project, an endeavor by producer
Mark Jaramillo to track down, catalog, and promote independently made
kaiju films that have languished in obscurity.

KAIJU GAIDEN is the first documentary which assemble various filmmakers who have produced their own movies featuring gigantic monsters stomping cities and engaging in savage battle with one another. Although made at different time periods, the directors still utilize traditional special effects techniques unique to the genre, sometimes supplemented with modern technology. The directors will tell their respective stories of their love for the genre, their inspirations, and the issues involved in making a special effects film.

These are the untold stories of giant monsters and the men who make
them. This is KAIJU GAIDEN.

And if that wasn't monstrous enough, our c-feature is the absolute
classic of Japanese monster cinema, the film that started it all, the
original GODZILLA (1954), presented in it's uncut glory with English

Also back is the Great Godzilla Raffle and an amazing Art Contest that
will allow audience members to vote for their favorite pieces!

All this, plus prizes and merchandise from BAFE's Kevin deAntonio, Kaiju Vinyl Legion's James Osborne and art by Gaz Gretsky! Plus other cool surprises!!

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